AJ & Meaghan



Giving away 3 must-listen interviews with power couples. Learn how they found each other, how they optimize their relationship daily and the things they do to separate themselves from the rest!

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Meg and AJ are a dynamic couple who are business partners, adventures partners and life partners. They feel in love quickly after meeting at a mutual friends birthday party in Austin Texas. Together they scaled their business by being data-driven in everything they do, including their relationship, now they run their business remote while they travel the world. The founded Praxis Metrics, where they help online companies make better decisions from their data and grow exponentially through accurate tracking and analysis. They have clients paying monthly residuals that allow them the freedom to work where they want and have passive income. Meaghan was a Professional Sales Consultant who taught the art of closing, then met AJ, who ran a successful digital marketing agency focused on conversions. Together, they leverage sales and marketing to attract new clients and have doubled their business every month for the past six months while traveling abroad and exploring Europe.