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A Social Impact and Leadership Coach, Lynda guides entrepreneurs, executives, and teams towards a balanced, effective, and connected approach to leadership. She uses technology, beliefs, and mindset training, to help reprogram limiting attitudes towards failure and success. She believes in giving power back to her clients, by offering practices that create measurable change. A certified life coach, and HeartMath Trainer, Lynda creates change and increased resiliency, through science based techniques, as well as ancient technology, that reconnects you to your heart intelligence. Lynda has a Masters in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and is also a (Health Certified) Master NLP Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner. Dynamic and motivational, Lynda also graduated from FIRE, as a Firewalking Instructor (alongside graduates like Tony Robbins and T. Harv Eker); she leads breakthrough seminars to help teams learn the power of shifting mental states. Having meditated in the Goddess temples in India, while studying Kundalini and Tantra, Lynda carries deep reverence for ancient wisdom, balanced energy, and a holistic approach to wellness. After decades of not having a voice herself, Lynda is committed to creating the platforms needed to help people, specifically, women and young girls, find their power. Under some of the best masters, Lynda is a registered “Yoga Alliance” Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Tantra Teacher.

With a developing startup in Silicon Valley, in support of social change and connections, Lynda is committed to collaboration and community. She is continually exploring ways to use (transformative) technology to help serve, heal, and expand in greater and more impactful ways.