Scot & Emily McKay


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Heartfelt answers to the most confusing and frustrating questions about men, dating and relationships...based on letters contributed by real women all over the world. Also receive Emily's famous audio "How To Take Control Of Your Dating Life" plus her special report "10 Signs He Is Serious About Marrying You" when you subscribe to emily's twice-weekly newsletter. Above all, be sure to schedule your free 25-minute phone session LIVE with Emily and/or Scot.

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Scot and Emily McKay are professional dating and relationship coaches, adventure travelers, conference speakers, media personalities and podcast hosts.

They reach a global audience of over 300,000, are the authors of ten books between them and have been featured by over 400 media outlets worldwide including MTV, ABC, NBC, CBS, Forbes and WSJ.

They are both Traveler’s Century Club members, having traveled to well over 100 countries together, and proudly worldschool their two youngest children.

They are avid BMX racers. Emily and daughter Sarah are top-ten ranked nationally and were both on the USA National Team for 2017, representing our country at the World Championships.