Attract Your Dream Guy

With Rebecca Boatman

Step 1: Listen to this audio recording

Step 2: Complete the Uncover hidden beliefs around being feminine Worksheet

Be sure to click the download button to save a copy!

Step 3: The exercise to activate your feminine magnet

Stand up… relax your shoulders… really ground your feet into the floor… pretend that each leg it a tree trunk and the roots travel from your feet to 30 feet underneath you into the earth… you are grounded to mother earth… and relaxed… now being swaying your hips from side to side…. In circular motions… sway them in whatever feels good to you… see a bright ball of energy in near your womb space begin to grow… feel the heat… now begin walking with this sway… continue to feel into your body.. Feeling the movements… now take this outside and send love to everyone that you see… imagine a stream of beautiful light going from your heart to each person you see… you are centered in your body.. Sending love and light… at peace in your body.. Feeling at ease.

Now as you begin to see men that you are interested in ... feel the magnetic ball near your womb become to glow and shine.. Feel him being drawn to this magnetic ball of light… drawn to the magnetism of… harmlessly in awe of your feminine essence.  

Don’t forget to smile too. ;)

ALSO… as you walk from your car tomorrow morning to your next destination, commit to turning on your feminine irresistible magnet all the way from your car and into your destination… NOTICE how you feel! :)

It is time to unleash your feminine side and embrace your magnetism. Have fun with this. :)  

Step 4.

Create a feminine sensual practice

Below is a feminine sensual practice that I LOVE! You can play with it and move things around.

Save 1 hour on your calendar, JUST FOR YOU. No distractions. I like going into airplane mode.

Wear something that makes you FEEL feminine.

It could be lingerie, it could be nothing, it could be your favorite sexy pajamas.

Put on a slow sensual playlist (Example:  Give up at 2 by Sofi de la Torre).

Dance in front of the mirror or without the mirror. Feel into your body. Slowly feel the sensation of your fingertips on your skin. Give yourself permission to fully be present in your body without judgement. Continue to lean into dancing in a way that expresses your flowy open water like feminine side.

Draw a warm bath and light candles. I love incense too!

Enjoy the warm water on your body and notice every little sensation.

Journal about your experience

Ask yourself:

What opened up for me?

Were there moments that I wanted to hold back? If so, what were the thoughts?

What did I love about being feminine and totally present in my body?