See what ladies are saying about the series..


"Hey Rebecca! I loved the interview with you and Alison. That it even made me cry. It was so good. I am a 28 almost 29 year old that has done 9 years of internet dating. I been on so many dates. That I really should write a book one day. But anyways I just wanted to say that I loved the interview and now I am going to start listening to Alison’s audibles. I am glad I came a cross you on Doctor Jen instagram."

- Betty C, Colorado


“Gosh Rebecca I cannot say who my fav was as all of them were so enlightening!  I did enjoy how candid and clear Drew was...thanks for bringing him into the mix.  You are one fortunate gal he’s a keeper!!

Thank you for having this event.  I would say it’s the best webinar on this topic that I have listened to.”

- Susan W


"It is so nice to hear from you. You have amazing personality. Your summit it the best. Thank you for being generous and for the work you do and being you. Bless you"

- Sigal, Isreal


“This was an awesome interview. My key takeaway was actually at the end of the interview when Drew said that women don’t know how much our man adores us, everything about us. I found this to be true after my husband died. I found notes nearly everywhere. I knew he loved me without question, but the notes showed clearly how he adored everything about me. I want this in my next relationship. The other takeaway is that I naturally do many of the 7 things with the man that I’m interested in. This may be why he is still showing interest in me! I have deep respect for him and his calling. I admire him for it and compliment him. When I see him it just seems natural to touch his arm, for example, when I talk with him.

I’m learning and very much enjoying the other interviews too. Thank you for doing these.”

- Sandra F, Maryland


"I HAVE been listening to your interviews. Actually quite a few of them. I have thoroughly enjoyed your interviews and your style.  And thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and your guidance."

- Victoria, California


“Dearest Rebecca! Today the most amazing thing happened!! So I need to just write this and thank you and appreciate you so much for the interview series that you are doing - I made a habit of starting my day with the latest one and they are literally changing my life! <3These days I'm learning at a public library. Today I took a break from learning and was just walking by the riverside when this hot good looking business man appeared and told me he never before saw such a feminine and interesting woman (vibe shift anyone?:))) ) aaand he spent some time with me, we exchanged numbers and are up for a date next week! I finished learning and was on my way home, when ANOTHER business guy stopped me on the street, he said I looked so beautiful and like I'm feeling very good with myself. He got my number and now I'm up for TWO dates! :)) And last night another couple of guys wrote to me on Facebook. I usually don't answer, but I wanted to open myself up for love more. Turns out they both are quality guys and both want dates:)) And the most amazing thing is ... These guys all have in common the very trait that I so much adored about my crush: powerful go-getters, leaders, masculine and confident men... I'm just amazed... I'm really on my way to true love!! THIS STUFF WORKS!!!”

- Ester, Romania

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