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Katherine Woodward Thomas.jpg

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Diana Kirschner.jpg

Dr. Diana Kirschner

Layan Bubbly.jpg

Layan Bubbly

PJ Dixon.jpg

P.J Dixon

Mike Kline.jpg

Michael Kline

Helena Hart.jpg

Helena Hart

Ellen Smoak.png

Ellen Smoak

Gladys Diaz.jpg

Gladys Diaz

Lisa Shield (facebook).jpg

Lisa Sheild

Mike Goldstein.jpg

Mike Goldstein


Kendal Williams

Mia Saenz.jpg

Mia Saenz

Teena Evert.png

Teena Evert

Macy Matarazzo.jpg

Macy Harjot Matarazzo

Annie Lalla.jpg

Annie Lalla

Joanna Shakti.png

Joanna Shakti

Lori Ann Davis.jpg

Lori Ann Davis

Dawn Maslar (facebook).jpg

Dawn Maslar

Amanda Rose.jpg

Amanda Rose

Diana Beaulieu.png

Diana Beaulieu

Susan Ball.jpg

Susan Ball




Rebecca Boatman is a certified personal trainer and graduate of Ascension Leadership Academy. She has coached hundreds of women and men in the area of emotional intelligence. She is now CEO of The Brave Lady where she specializes in helping ladies inspire a wildly fulfilling romance by giving them the RIGHT tools to create a relationship they are wildly in love with. You can catch her in her most recent interview series: Free Yourself From Heartbreak where she interviewed top experts from around the world, about how to heal your heart and attract an abundance of men that are RIGHT for you!