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Susan Ball


Workbook, 5 audio lessons, and a sign for a 45 min session

Password: Grace4u



Meet Susan Ball. Her message is simple and begins once a woman escapes her abusive, toxic or ugly relationship. She wants her readers and clients alike to aim higher, learn to recognize just how much they are worth, and how fast they are recovering but more importantly, she is a pathfinder, helping women find their way from their broken state, avoiding the recovery industry traps and the victim’hood, so they can live their life free from toxic love.

Be prepared. Susan, while gentle and experienced, will not stand for excuses and/or limiting self-beliefs. Think of her as the ultimate coach for women who need to learn to believe in themselves and establish healthy boundaries, as they begin to dream again and dream big. Susan encourages women to rekindle their joy and embrace their big, bold, blissful life!

Anyone in recovery from an abusive, toxic, or ugly relationship, or those working with women in recovery, will find inspiration in Susan’s message. Women will learn to own their value, as they build the confidence to go after their dreams, develop and maintain empowering boundaries, to support and protect themselves.

Macy Harjot Matarazzo


Macy's free Guide Wake Up and Smell the Loser- How to stop attracting jerks:

Get the REAL truth on what it takes to ATTRACT the one who adores you.

  • The two ways of dating-–one works, one doesn’t.

  • The blocks that keep us from REAL committed, lasting love.

  • How to live your LIFE in love—with out fearing rejection, or worrying about what other people think

  • The 5 commitments you must make with yourself that will lead you to the one.



From heartbreak after heartbreak to becoming a first-time bride after 40, Macy has discovered the sweet spot of attracting LOVE. She leverages a combination of her leadership corporate change management expertise, creative exploration, Intuitive/Energy Healing, Kundalini yoga/meditation and other radical proven technologies for transformation. She shares a powerful and FUN path to help women experience positive change in their lives and has been working with these tools for over 10 years.



Ellen Smoak


How To Heal Your Heart… And Probably Make Your Ex Regret That They Broke Up With You In The First Place



Ellen Smoak is a #1 best-selling author, speaker & life coach. Her book, Breakups Are A Bitch, But Getting Over It Doesn’t Have To Be! was called, “A brilliant path to find your self-confidence and rebuild your life,” by Dr. John Gray, the author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

Ellen is best known for her ability to teach you how to access your power, remove inner barriers, and increase your self-worth — the key ingredients that she believes will make it possible for you to get anything (and anyone!) you want.

Her articles and advice have been featured on major media outlets, including ABC, NBC, Yahoo and FOX, and her coaching programs have helped tens of thousands of people to get unstuck, increase their happiness, and find their soulmates.



Diana Beaulieu


The Self Love Miracle For Body, Soul & Relationships: Exclusive Video Series


Diana Beaulieu is an intuitive coach, feminine evolution teacher, best-selling author and the founder of Sacred Woman Awakening. She helps women in over 18 countries to heal and express their authentic feminine power. She teaches energy work that empowers women to clear toxic and dysfunctional relationships imprints in their sexual energy so that they can attract and enjoy new, loving divine relationships.



Teena Evert





Teena Evert is a Feminine Presence and Relationship Coach who works with success driven conscious women who are tired of playing small in their business, life and relationships. They are committed to their personal and spiritual growth and ready to step into living a greater life by cultivating unwavering confidence by owning and expressing their authentic feminine power. Whether you are single and wanting to attract the right partner or struggling in your current relationship,

Teena supports women who understand that the feminine principle is just as important as the masculine and want to attract a sexy, kind, conscious, handsome, fun, loving man to share their life with. She will help you tap into your radical love superpower to have a healthy, happy and amazing relationship!



Helena Hart


You can instantly download your FREE "3 Keys To Attract The Man You Want" report and in-depth audio training!



As a Certified Life and Relationship Coach with a masters degree in Psychology, author and Master Coach Teacher, Helena Hart helps people all over the world effortlessly attract love into their lives - and she can get results for you quickly.

Whether you're recently single or you've been single for years - or you're in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere - Helena can help you quickly and permanently turn your love life around. You'll be amazed at how easy and FUN it can be to attract more love and the right man for you, without having to work so hard!



Amanda Rose

Free Gift

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Amanda is the modern dating guru! She is the Founder of the Dating Boutique, a matchmaking and dating consultancy. Before she launched the Dating Boutique she was the founder/co-owner of the Dating Stylist. She studied intimate communication at the University of Louisville and also worked for an international matchmaking company as a regional coordinator. Her mission is to create a personalized approach to help you find the best love! She is featured or quoted in numerous media including, Redbook, Forbes, the TD Jakes Show & more.  She is also a regular Dating Expert contributor for the Huffington Post.



Mia Saenz


Mirror, Mirror: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Life that Loves You Back.

Spirit Life CD, Transformational Guided Meditations

Mia Saenz.jpg


Mia Saenz is a Love Alchemist. As a 3rd generation Metaphysical Practitioner, Mia learned the wisdom of healing and prayer from her well known Grandmother.  Mia is the Self-Love Teacher for Anyone who Feels Alone & yet Dreams of Knowing the Joy of a Love-Soaked Life. 

Through her work as a Love Teacher & Coach, Mia has discovered the depth of Love on all levels.  Love truly is the Gold the Alchemists were seeking.  Working through Love changes the energy of your story and opens the connection to have all of life's purposes flow, which includes Love, Money and Abundance.  Mia works with people whose desire is to grow in their spiritual path building a concrete foundation in all areas of life.  Mia teaches "Love Mastery", and the "Spiritual Elite" with Mystics and their natural gifts. In addition, Mia is also a media host, and is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BellaMia magazine a transformational & holistic living well magazine.



Michael Kline


Say goodbye to hurt and Pain and hello to health, love and success! Join a free 90 minute group session, using the powerful yet gentle RIM Method (Regenerating Images in Memory). Certified Master Practitioner Michael Kline, will gently guide you through a very relaxing, closed-eye process to easily identify and dissolve stuck emotions that may be holding you back. Completely free with no sales pitch – just a lot of love and support. Choose from two dates to join this live, interactive conference call. Saturday or Sunday, Jan 27th or 28th at noon EST. Click below to Register.



An expert on emotions and success, Mike was the turn-around president of a franchise company with 35 locations, then a six-time successful entrepreneur. At age 50, he discovered he had never experienced the feeling of unconditional love, which launched a complete 180 degree turn in his life. He is now convinced that what we all really want is love and connection. As a Certified Jack Canfield transformational Trainer and Master Certified RIM Facilitator, his private practice helps professional women, (and a few smart men), who want the 2nd half of life to be a heck-of-a-lot better than the first half. He teaches RIM as an advanced transformational tool to help coaches, therapists and other helping professionals produce a more flourishing world.



Dawn Maslar


Gift for Long-Term Love and for Singles

The Plan-A-Man worksheet and meditation. This was originally from the book From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire: Developing a Healthy GPS (Guy Picking System).



Dawn Maslar MS. award-winning author, adjunct biology professor, and researcher in the science of love. She is a two-time TEDx speaker, appearing at TEDxBocaRaton 2016 on How Your Brain Falls In Love and TEDxWestBrowardHigh 2016 on Falling in vs. Staying in Love. She was voted one of the Top 20 Most Followed Dating Experts on twitter and Best 28 Dating, Marriage and Relationship Blogs in the UK to follow in 2015.  Her work has been featured on South Florida Today, Miami Herald and NPR. Her new book is titled Men Chase, Women Choose: The Neuroscience of Meeting, Dating, Losing Your Mind, and Finding True Love. Her latest endeavor is a called the Devotion Test, an instant test that can show love and commitment in man.



Kendal Williams


The password for the free gift is: heartbreaknomore



Kendal Williams is a real life sex and relationship educator, abundance coach, author, mother of 7 and lover of life. She is known for her raw, authentic passionate style in teaching and coaching. She has co-authored books with David Riklin, Dr. Joseph Cilea, Dr. Joesph Mercola, Gary Craig, Dr. Marcus Laux, Dr. Susan Lark, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Julian Whitaker, and Steven E. Kendal believes that our sexuality is one of the greatest untapped areas of life and source of deeper connection and healing to our authentic selves and the creator. You can explore her coaching and connect to her at or or



P.J. Dixon



4 Free Videos on Finding Yourself and  Finding, Attracting, and Keeping the Love of Your Life.


A Completely Free 20-Minute, One-on-One Call with Me, Called: “Discovering True Love Conversation”



P.J. is a Lifelong Motivational Speaker, and an International Life, Love, and Relationship Coach—who focuses on results!

He is affectionately known as the “love guru," and after spending any time with him, you’ll understand why—he lives his life with a single mission, “Love Deeply and Teach Others to Do the Same!”

He is the creator of 2 different coaching programs on love and relationships, and despite P.J.'s disability, which was expected to take his life by 7, he chose to live, and live well!  

P.J. has truly lived an extraordinary life; sailing, outdoor skydiving, indoor skydiving, trapezing, ziplining, hiking, mountain climbing, snow skiing, water skiing, aqua jetpacking, and the list goes on!  

He's a former wheelchair athlete, international traveler, amateur watercolorist, founder of two non-profit organizations and four disabled sports programs, a published author, 10th degree black belt, martial arts and women’s self-defense instructor, and a meditation teacher.  

Additionally P.J. has been inducted into the National Hall of Fame for People with Disabilities and was nominated to carry the Olympic Torch through Tucson in 2002.



Lori Ann Davis


A wonderful mp3 recording of Understanding the Differences between men and women.



Lori is a Certified Relationship Specialist – Speaker- Author

Lori has a unique and passionate approach to love and relationships and believes that everyone deserves and can have the relationship of their dreams. Her mission is to provide you with the skills you need to have the unstoppable relationship you deserve.

She has over 28 years’ experience empowering individuals and couples to live richer, happier lives. She provides relationship coaching to people throughout the world. Her practice spans the spectrum from dating and singles to working through divorce to renewing long-term marriages.

She is the author of Unmasking Secrets to Unstoppable Relationships: How to Find, Keep and Renew Love and Passion in Your Life.

She is also one of the coaches on the new Radical Dating Show,

Information about all of Lori’s coaching services, other products, blogs, and events can be found at



Mike Goldstein


How to text men during the day: What to do and what not to do



Mike Goldstein is a 1-on-1 Online Dating Expert, founder of EZ Dating Coach, who helps men and women make dating and relationships EZ.  He has been featured on the Today Show, The Star Ledger, Reader's Digest, and Shape Magazine.  83% of Mike's clients enter relationships during coaching and he currently has 100% client satisfaction.  He uses data from multiple major online dating sites to ensure his clients typically only need to meet 6-8 people to find someone they like.  Mike clients typically get into a relationship in 3-4 months of working with him and then use month 5-6 on understanding men, setting sexy boundaries, and confliction resolution.



Layan Bubbly


How to Overcome Breakups



Layan Bubbly is a world-renown dating coach with over 7.5 million international views on YouTube. Ms. Bubbly passionately works with clients on self-empowerment programs in Europe, North America and the Middle East.



Joanna Shakti


Ecstatic Intimacy Jumpstart Kit



Joanna Shakti founded Ecstatic Intimacy, (formerly known as the Center for Happiness, Love and Pleasure) where she offers programs, events, and mentoring to men and women that empower them to put the hot and happy back into love. Joanna says, “There are too many nice guys who “finish last,” too many successful women who can’t seem to find a great man, and way too many people who find themselves in the friend-zone!” As The Soul Love Mentor, Joanna inspires anyone who hungers for deeper love and intimate pleasure… to find and create a relationship that is an expression of ecstatic authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy. Joanna combines deep experience in masculine-feminine dynamics with her many certifications including Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, Accredited Journey Practitioner, Certified Partner Yoga Instructor, and Visionary Leadership Coach. Formally an Electrical Engineer with an MBA, Joanna now lives life to remind men and women of the power and potential of love – showing them how to reconnect with themselves and each other in profoundly loving, deeply intimate, and ultimately freeing relationships. You may have seen her as the Intimacy Expert on America’s Got Talent, or in her other appearances on Fox, VH1, and Comedy Central.



Lisa Shield


In this free presentation, Lisa will show you how to become Emotionally Naked and attract the kind of relationship most people only dream about!



Seventeen years ago, when no one would admit to dating online, Lisa Shield posted her first profile. Two years and 100 first dates later she met and married the love of her life. Her success led her to become one of the first dating and relationship coaches in the nation. Through writing, speaking, leading workshops, and one-on-one coaching, Lisa has helped thousands of singles around the world to find loving lasting relationships.

She is a sought-after relationship expert and has been featured on Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, the ABC news, and quoted in places like Cosmo Magazine, Playboy Magazine and the Los Angeles Times. Her studies include a Master's in Spiritual Psychology, certification in Life and Relationship coaching from The Coaches Training Institute, and one-on-one training with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of “The Four Agreements.” Lisa is an expert in helping couples and singles use their Emotional Nakedness to attract and keep a life partner. Lisa lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and best friend, Benjamin, and their two dogs, Milo and Owen.



Dr. Diana Kirschner


Bestselling love expert Dr. Diana has handpicked and trained a team of awesome Love Mentor® coaches. And you can talk with one of them for free for 40 minutes by phone or Skype! If you have any pressing dating or love questions, sign up for your free session now. Just go click below and you will be talking to a wise helpful Love Mentor® very soon!

Just say “Rebecca sent me” for VIP treatment!



Psychologist Dr. Diana Kirschner was a recurring guest on the Today Show and starred in a PBS Special on love, based on her smash bestseller, Love in 90 Days.  Her newest book is Find Your Soulmate Online in 6 Simple Steps, published by Amazon.

     Dr. Diana has helped tens of thousands of singles heal from heartbreak, date terrific partners, deepen their relationships and create lasting love that is just right for them. Her Dating Tips & Relationship Advice newsletter is available for free weekly support at her website



Annie Lalla


Find Mr. Right and Get Him To Marry You

Annie Lalla.jpg


Specializing in love, sex & conflict resolution, Annie has created a suite of practical tools to resolve toxic patterns, increase romantic esteem, defuse conflict, assuage shame, blame & cultivate deep relationships that last a lifetime.

Annie has developed her signature method: ‘The Art of Fighting’. She sees transcending conflict as a crucial path towards developing intimacy.

All her studies in biology, philosophy, Buddhism, evolutionary psychology & NLP converge in her unique Love Coaching practice where she helps individuals build extraordinary connections that maximize freedom & minimize shame.



Gladys Diaz


30 Days and 30 Ways to Fall In Love with YOU!

Gladys Diaz.jpg


Gladys Diaz, co-founder of Heart’s Desire International, is a dating and relationship coach, author, and speaker whose mission is to empower every woman on the planet to have experience of loving and being loved every day of her life.

Gladys specializes in working with professional women, teaching them how to remove the Love Barriers that have kept them stuck in the past so that they can welcome and experience new and extraordinary love into their lives.

In addition, she trains and coaches dating and relationship coaches, teaching them how to have extraordinary relationships themselves, as well as how to create heart-centered, prosperous businesses that help other women creating the lasting love their hearts desire.

An internationally sought-out expert, Gladys has appeared on numerous international television and radio shows and has been featured as an expert in several publications.

Her inspiring message about how women have the power to create the life and love their hearts truly desire has empowered women around the world transform themselves and their lives from the inside out.

For more information about Gladys and Heart’s Desire International, please visit



Katherine Woodward Thomas

M.A., MFT & New York Times Bestselling Author


Love Out Loud Daily: Daily inspiration, wisdom and guidance on how to grow your relational wealth, health and happiness

Katherine Woodward Thomas.jpg


Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT is the author of the New York Times Bestseller Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After which was nominated for a Books for a Better Life Award, and the national bestseller, Calling in “The One:” 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life. She is also a licensed marriage and family therapist and teacher to thousands from all corners of the world in her virtual and in-person learning communities.

Katherine is the originator of the Conscious Uncoupling process made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin as well as creator of the Calling in “The One:” 49 Days to Love online course.

To date, Katherine has trained and credentialed hundreds of people as Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coaches and as Certified Calling in “The One” Coaches.



Important News: The Replays are only available until this Friday, January 26th!  

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