Macy Harjot Matarazzo



Macy's free Guide Wake Up and Smell the Loser- How to stop attracting jerks:

Get the REAL truth on what it takes to ATTRACT the one who adores you.

  • The two ways of dating-–one works, one doesn’t.
  • The blocks that keep us from REAL committed, lasting love.
  • How to live your LIFE in love—with out fearing rejection, or worrying about what other people think
  • The 5 commitments you must make with yourself that will lead you to the one.


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From heartbreak after heartbreak to becoming a first-time bride after 40, Macy has discovered the sweet spot of attracting LOVE. She leverages a combination of her leadership corporate change management expertise, creative exploration, Intuitive/Energy Healing, Kundalini yoga/meditation and other radical proven technologies for transformation. She shares a powerful and FUN path to help women experience positive change in their lives and has been working with these tools for over 10 years.