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Say goodbye to hurt and Pain and hello to health, love and success! Join a free 90 minute group session, using the powerful yet gentle RIM Method (Regenerating Images in Memory). Certified Master Practitioner Michael Kline, will gently guide you through a very relaxing, closed-eye process to easily identify and dissolve stuck emotions that may be holding you back. Completely free with no sales pitch – just a lot of love and support. Choose from two dates to join this live, interactive conference call. Saturday or Sunday, Jan 27th or 28th at noon EST. Click below to Register.

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An expert on emotions and success, Mike was the turn-around president of a franchise company with 35 locations, then a six-time successful entrepreneur. At age 50, he discovered he had never experienced the feeling of unconditional love, which launched a complete 180 degree turn in his life. He is now convinced that what we all really want is love and connection. As a Certified Jack Canfield transformational Trainer and Master Certified RIM Facilitator, his private practice helps professional women, (and a few smart men), who want the 2nd half of life to be a heck-of-a-lot better than the first half. He teaches RIM as an advanced transformational tool to help coaches, therapists and other helping professionals produce a more flourishing world.