"Rebecca is literally an earth angel. She has saved me countless times from falling into old self defeating patterns in my marriage. She has helped me see my blind spots so I can be the most incredible wife possible, and receive the kind of love I crave from my husband.  She is my go- to support whenever I need help in my relationship. She makes me feel SO held, supported and loved even when I'm clearly causing the issues in my relationship that I'm asking her to help me with lol. She is patient, kind, safe and yet clear and direct and shows me exactly where I'm not being in my greatness as a woman and wife. I trust her more than anything and am SO grateful that I have her support in my life. Any woman would be LUCKY to have her magic and support in a one on one coaching experience. She is pure magic and pure love."

Chelsea Madaoui  Spiritual Business Coach

Chelsea Madaoui

Spiritual Business Coach

Amy Ramsey  Business Coach

Amy Ramsey

Business Coach

"Rebecca is an amazingly talented coach! She truly has a gift. Rebecca helps uncover the root of your the problems, often even before you realize what is truly causing them - and she helps by giving you REAL ways to break away from them to be so much stronger and happier. She is very knowledgeable about so many things including self-love, confidence, romantic relationships, and COMMUNICATION. She will believe in you, and help you believe in yourself, and realize you are WORTH the love and happiness that you desire. Rebecca holds you accountable to invest in yourself, and working with her is so empowering. Rebecca has helped me find authentic happiness, confidence, and peace with myself and my relationships. I feel SO thankful to work with such an incredible, inspirational, and supportive coach!"

Chelsea Brogan  Wealth Management Analyst

Chelsea Brogan

Wealth Management Analyst

Rachel Haymer  Professional Musician

Rachel Haymer

Professional Musician

"Rebecca is truly an all star coach. If you're needing support, there's no better person to hold you high and help you not only to choose your best possibility, but to know why you're doing it! She teaches you top notch methods that allow you to work through your deepest traumas and fears to get the personal GOLD underneath. All this while being so kind, positive, nurturing and caring for you so deeply. I have done years of personal development and experienced many coaches and there is no one I would more highly recommend than Rebecca Boatman. She is simply the best!"

Audrey WeedDavis  Team Manager At Enjoy

Audrey WeedDavis

Team Manager At Enjoy

"Oh my goodness, there isn't enough praise I could give to this beautiful soul. I have been in and out of toxic and emotionally exhausting relationships. I have lacked self confidence and motivation. Working with Rebecca as my coach has been so eye-opening. She has helped me find my confidence and shown me how to love myself. She is so genuine and honest. Not only has she helped me find my confidence but she has truly changed my life for the better. I now know my worth, I know not to settle and to always follow my heart. I thank God everyday to have such an amazing woman on my support team! 
If you need any coaching with personal confidence, growth or relationships - Rebecca is the woman to go to!"

"Rebecca really knows her stuff and always provides insightful and actionable advice on dating, love and relationships. Whether you are looking to rekindle an existing relationship or attract the man of your dreams, Rebecca will help you get there. Highly recommended!"

Amy Beaver  Director of Digital Marketing at Organifi

Amy Beaver

Director of Digital Marketing at Organifi

"I was blessed to be coached by Rebecca at the Ascension Leadership Academy. Rebecca was unconditionally supportive & relentless in keeping me focused on my vision & on track with reaching my goals. She accepted none of my excuses & stories and always held me high, ensuring I remain the master of my life & my success. Without Rebecca's encouragement, button-pushing, challenges to dig deeper & think outside the box, I would have easily fallen back into my comfort zone & retreated from life once more. She continues to inspire me through her genuine desire to help others achieve the best they deserve. I can't say enough about this sweet & loving powerhouse!"

Jhoey Rodriiguez  Business Analyst Sr. Manager at Dell Computers

Jhoey Rodriiguez

Business Analyst Sr. Manager at Dell Computers

"Rebecca was my coach for Ascension Leadership Academy. She coached me in the area of leadership, time management, and personal relationship. In the Leadership front, she knew that I was capable of doing more and stretching my plate as an effective leader, even though I doubted myself. She pushed me to stretch and do more to achieve excellent results when I was going to just settle for the good enough results. In order to do more, I was reminded to find time to refill my tank so I could continue to at peak performance. This delicate balance was something that Rebecca coached me on and and she held me accountable so that I could be the leader that I know I could be. In addition to becoming a great leader, I was also coached on the steps necessary to achieve the great relationship that I wanted in my life. This coaching has lead me to not be afraid of asking for what I want, in order to have a healthy and strong relationship with my partner. If you are looking for someone to coach you and hold you accountable to become the best you can be, you will definitely find that with Rebecca."

Debbie Tam  Business Analyst Sr. Manager at Dell Computers

Debbie Tam

Business Analyst Sr. Manager at Dell Computers

Eva Medilek  Coach, Mentor, and Speaker at The Style Mogul

Eva Medilek

Coach, Mentor, and Speaker at The Style Mogul

My name is Eva and I am 57 years old. I was a private client of Rebecca's and her coaching was very supportive with the issues I was dealing with in my relationship.

I found out that my husband had a crush on another woman a few months prior to hiring Rebecca. I was struggling with fear, anxiety and expectations within my marriage. Through her coaching I learned acceptance, patience and loving what is. I learned how to communicate in my marriage in such a way that was non judgmental and not attached to results.

As a result, our relationship is closer and I am more relaxed and happy and able to enjoy my married life without feeling stressed and anxious. If you desire the tools to effectively communicate in your relationship, I highly recommend this amazing, patient and loving coach, Rebecca Boatman.